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Isabel is outstanding realtor.

She exceeded our expectations across the board. As a land surveyor here in Colorado for more than 20 years I've worked with countless agents and Isabel is well amongst the best. We will certainly recommend her to anyone who will listen.

Scott Hemmen

Isabel was incredible in helping us purchase a home!

She is so patient and kind, and always willing to answer our questions. She made sure to pin down what we were looking for in a house, asking questions we didn't even think of; all within our budget. Even with a challenging contracting process, she remained candid and calm, solving all of the problems that arose and willing was always in communication with us at the drop of a hat. It is clear she genuinely cares about her clients and their home-buying journey. We would HIGHLY recommend Isabel when buying and selling a home!

Rica Fulton

Isabel did a spectacular job for ua.

Very efficient and knowledgeble. Maggie Eagleto0n

Margaret A Eagleton

Isabel did an outstanding job selling my house.

It sold in a matter of days and with a better deal than I could have hoped for.

Clint Swope

Congratulations, you have found a truly superb realtor and incredible person to work for you.

Isabel helped us put together a very big and complex Investment deal that took close to nine months. Our deal involved the sale of multiple properties, a 1031 exchange with multiple partnerships, and eight tenants to keep in place. She continues to amaze everyone she comes in contact with. Isabel Borman is extremely talented at what she does. Her organization and attention to detail is incredible. She is skilled in both residential and commercial, not only is she a realtor, she’s an active Investor and has multiple properties of her own. She’s not part of a team pumping deals through as fast as possible. She goes above and beyond to help her clients obtain their goals.. I truly believe Isabel isn’t interested in just a commission, her passion is in community and helping others, Real Estate happens to be her profession and she’s really really good at it.

Matthew Gordon Clark

Isabel is a caring delightful person who works hard to make sure I found the house that I loved and wanted which wasn’t easy since I changed my mind pretty much every day.

Then when we found the house, she did her best to make sure the house was in great shape. I would recommend her.

Paula Knighton

A year and a half ago I reached out with a general information inquiry on a property listing I found online.

Within an hour I had received a response from Isabel Borman. What a fortunate encounter that turned out to be! Isabel has patiently and tirelessly been working with us ever since--which is worthy of applause as I have changed my mind on what I was looking for frequently. Through it all she has been the utmost professional, ethical, and sincere realtor I've ever encountered. I never doubted her loyalty and commitment in finding us exactly what we requested. She never rushed us nor showed any exasperation--and trust me, she had cause. She's absolutely a lovely human being and I'm so thankful for her. Ultimately, at the end of a year and a half, she put a perfect deal together for the perfect property for us. Thank you, Isabel.

Susan Richards

Isabel is awesome!

Always on the ball being proactive! Shes made the house buying process as smooth as possible!

Chad Billings

I would recommend Isabelle Borman to future interested home buyers.

Isabelle has a way of making this overwhelming process feel relaxing and enjoyable. She personalizes your search and is in tune with qualities of a home that are most suitable for each individual client. Isabelle is an extraordinary agent and comes highly recommended.

Madelyn Hogarth

As a first time home buyer, the entire process of buying a home seemed overwhelming and scary.

Isabel made that process way less stressful and easy. She took the time to explain the entire process in detail and helped me every step of the way. We spent a couple weeks looking at houses in my price range but I always found myself comparing them to the house I was renting at the time. After talking it over with Isabel, we decided to approach my landlord with an offer. Isabel has a solid understanding of the local market, which made it easy to propose a competitive price. After some negotiation, we settled on a price that I am very happy with. Isabel negotiated the inspection, helping me get a new roof and plumbing repairs all completed before closing. Throughout the entire process, Isabel was always available and attentive. She responded to calls, texts and emails promptly. She made buying a home easy and fun. I highly recommended Isabel to everyone I know!


Isabel did a great job for us in selling our Fruita home in one week.

We definitely did not expect to sell it in the 3 weeks our builder gave us to sell. What a surprise! Will definitely use her again!

Jan & Darrel Huffman

Isabel helped my buy my house when I was newly arrived in Grand Junction from Seattle.

It was a big change for me, and I didn't know enough about the area or what my life would be like here to really know what I was looking for. She did a top-notch job presenting options in such a way that she helped me first clarify my values; then once I had a better idea of what I was looking for, she worked with tireless enthusiasm to help me find it.I never felt like Isabel was "just trying to make a sale". She pointed out flaws in houses that I didn't immediately see, and asked me specific questions to tease out whether characteristics of particular houses would really work for me ("There's a big crack in the foundation--see that?!" "Are you sure you're ok with a carport as opposed to a garage?" "Not a lot of closet space here..." "How do you feel about that barking dog next door?", etc.).The property we settled on was a very desirable one with lots of interest from other buyers, and Isabel helped me write a winning offer based on what she was able to learn about what the sellers were most concerned about.Isabel proactively kept me informed about what our next steps would be so I was never surprised. She carefully explained each document I would be signing and broke down all the fees so I wasn't surprised at closing.In the end, I got a great deal on the perfect home for me. If you're looking for a proactive, responsive, process-savvy real estate agent, I highly recommend Isabel Borman.


The best referral of our lives.

Isabel was spot on every step of the way. Listed and sold in 24 hrs. Better yet, her follow up was even better. Thank you Isabel! Guy and Toni Erickson

Isabel at Bray took great care of me and I ended up with the perfect house.

Thanks Isabel

Elizabeth Johnson

Isabel helped me for over two years to find a house.

I started looking for a condo/town home but ultimately decided to go back to school for my masters and take a break from the house search. Isabel never forgot about me. She would send me little gifts like a free coffee or candy, which I always thought was such a nice gesture. Finally, when I finished school I was ready to find a home. After two years, my requirements had changed. My son had been diagnosed with autism, I had met someone, and we were looking in a very specific school zone and higher price range. She showed us countless houses and suffered through 3 contracts with us- two of them didn't work out. She helped us find a lender and was with us through the whole process. One important thing I would like to say about Isabel is that through this process she was never pushy or intense. This is her livelihood and at any time she could have pressured us but she was always patient and kind. She wanted us to find the home that was right for us. She realized how important this was to us and wanted us to find our dream home. Isabel became more than my realtor, she became my friend. She celebrated our wins with us (like our engagement and our home purchase) as well as understood when we pulled out of a contract. Isabel was wonderful through the whole process. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a home or selling a home. She makes her clients feel like family and celebrates with them.

Lisa Poma

Easy to work with and provided me with the best options in finding what I was looking for.

Thomas M Burke

Isabel is the best!

She's patient and truly takes the time to understand what her clients are looking for - and makes sure they find it. She puts her heart into what she does, and it shows.

Olivia Hartman

Isabel is AMAZING!

!!! She is dedicated to her clients and she kept me from freaking out when yet another hurdle appeared to delay closing. She went above and beyond to do whatever it took to get me my home. I absolutely love Isabel and her personality and her heart. She truly wants to find people their dream home. You have an amazing person on your team!!!!!

Christina L Jones

Isabel was a great realtor to work with.

She showed me homes that matched my requests and within my budget. I always got a quick response on all of my questions and I felt totally supported throughout my first home buying process.

Liz Johnson

Isabel was amazing!

She worked hard to make my dreams a reality. She aided in making the whole process stress-free, which really made the whole experience pleasant!

Jacqueline Murray

Isabel worked very hard to get us the best price possible on our home.

She was knowledgeable, prompt in all her responses, and has great integrity. We also used her to buy our new home and had the same type of experience with that process. I would highly recommend her and have done so to friends and colleagues.

Linda & Dick

Isabel was always there and helpful for me.

It was a joy to have a professional on my side.

Clark E Greshow

I loved working with Bray, specifically Isabel Borman.

She was/is always attentive to our needs and concerns, and is very friendly and knowledgeable about all aspects of home buying! She helped connect me to the best resources around, and to the community in general. Moving from out of the area, Isabel was key to our home buying experience.

Megan Sand

Working with Isabel Borman for the search and purchase of my first home was incredibly easy and painless.

She made it fun and exciting as well. She is knowledgeable and diligent. I'm so happy to have come across such a high energy agent who hold the interest of the buyer as her first priority. I would definitely recommend Isabel to anyone!

Jon Erik Nelsen

As a first time home buyer, Isabel was excellent in teaching me about the process, answering all of my questions, and was key in finding a home that was a perfect fit.

Isabel was trustworthy and professional at every step of the process, I would definitely recommend working with her.

Felipe Jolles

Isabel Borman is fabulous.

She guided us patiently and expertly through a challenging seller’s market until we found the right home for us. She was a great advocate both for us and the Grand Junction community. She was super responsive and clear in her communications. And she displayed kindness, impressive attention to detail, and professionalism throughout the entire process. We highly recommend Isabel!

Jeffrey Francis Brune

Isabel did a great job!

She listened well, made herself very available, and gave her honest opinions, which I valued. I will definitely be recommending her to others.

Erik Kopperud

Isabel has gone above and beyond in all our dealings with her.

She has worked very hard on getting us into our dream home, and is now working on selling our current home. I would highly recommend her!

Linda & Dick

Bray is very lucky to have such a great Realtor on the team.

Isabel is great! She works hard to find the perfect home for her clients. She takes time to listen and understand what we are looking for.

Michael Easter
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